At APX Project Management, our difference is enabling companies to deliver business faster and more cost effectively.

We have the ability to implement and integrate solutions throughout your organization to make it work and last.

APX are uniquely suited to the commercial realities of the 21st century.

Technological change

Increasing customer expectations

Changing work and leisure patterns and

the erosion of traditional ways of doing business

means that businesses need to be open to change and challenges like never before.

Unless you can help your people focus their energies and unite around a shared vision, the times ahead could be tough.

As a result of APXs carefully evolved consulting processes, concepts and programs, APX have the ability to instill a new vitality and purpose at every level of your organization, from the boardroom to the boiler room if necessary.

All our solutions are based around your specific business goals and APX will help you achieve industry-leading performance through current best practice.

  • APX specialise in dealing with Professionals.
  • APX is a specialized group of highly experienced Technology and Business Project Managers.
  • Our virtual infrastructure ensures clients enjoy competitive pricing and the benefit of working with PM’s whose remuneration is linked to delivery on time, to cost and to quality.
  • With the ability to stage deliver, APX can bring maximum flexibility and minimum risk to our clients.
  • APX ‘s partnership approach means clients can work with APX in the planning and implementation of the next big industry/regulatory changes, knowing that APX doesnt just make recommendations but will also help to deliver the solution.

Most importantly, APX deliver projects on time, to budget and to a high quality standard.