Sep 30, 2013

7 rapid steps launching innovation projects to market

If you scan the market, many organisations are struggling to keep pace with the rate of innovation from start-ups, entrepreneurs and digital sectors. If you are seeking to launch business systems, products and services newer management approaches that deliver Rapid, Read More

Jun 3, 2013

How sponsors can make projects succeed?

The sponsor who initiates the project or program plays a key role in any initiative.  The sponsor typically is part of the leadership team, and has the ability to influence and sign off.   The sponsor must communicate, encourage and Read More

Jun 3, 2013

Selling Project Management to your Management (or to yourself)

Some managers see a line item labeled, “Project Manager” and ask why they need it. It is perhaps ironic that a manager would be asking why management is needed. However, it is a legitimate question. “What does a Project Manager Read More

Jun 3, 2013

Get the project started right?

Starting a project properly is always critical to ensure that you get the right results The uncertainty of the Project Beginning. For many of us, starting a new project is a struggle. We dont know exactly what is to be Read More

Jun 3, 2013

Whose interests should be considered?

Managing your key stakeholders? From the beginning of a project, the trick is too not just throw a scope of work together and then strive to complete it, but rather determine all the stakeholders and incorporate their needs into the Read More