Business Case Consulting

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The Business Case

For many organizations, the delivery of a business case is critical prior to investing or undertaking a project or capital investment.
It outlines the project or investments’ link to strategies or business need, the required resources, and the estimated costs and benefits. It also links value to project delivery resulting in benefits realisation.
When an initiative seeks funds and resources, decision makers wants to analyse and compare benefits compared to the costs to assess viability and make decisions.
Making the best decision requires a business case that captures all costs and all business benefits, including those that are hard to measure in financial terms.

The case requires credibility in the eyes of decision makers or it will not succeed:
• Do decision makers believe in the business case?
• Does the business case support the conclusions and recommendations?
• How does the case compare to other alternatives?
• What are the risks in proceeding?
• What are the probabilities of success, and which factors influence success most?

Business Case Delivery

Our consultants have practical knowledge and experience to lead the delivery of a full business case weighing these critical considerations.
APX work with professionals to enable organizations to:

1.  Build a concrete business case
2.  Demonstrate a project’s viability
3.  Identify and address issues,
4.  Develop and compare financial and organizational impact of alternative solutions, and
5.  Develop a road map for the implementation of a solution.
6.  Develop a road map for the delivery and tracking of benefits realisation based on revenue, consumer value or other appropriate value measure

Business Case Consulting

APX can help you build the business case for your specific investment.

Our consultants lead your case-building team as project managers.
• We build plans to execute business cases.
• We provide tools and presentation to execute a business case based on best practice.
• We work with you organisation to design and build the case drawing appropriate for your organisation.