Value Management is about ensuring that you achieve high value outcomes, both financial and non financial out, driving your dollar further and making sure your project’s and organisation initiatives achieves the requirements for the best possible cost without compromising its strategy, value proposition or reliability.

By increasing your focus on benefit delivery, Value Management can significantly improve the value of your project.

APX uses Value Management expertise on many projects and program to better:

  • Deliver the Strategic Outcome
  • Deliver the agreed benefits
  • Define the most effective project brief
  • Manage the best scope aligned to benefits and strategy
  • Determine The most suitable project delivery method
  • Align the team to the key business outcomes.
  • Manage the key risks and probability affecting value.
  • Drive to the optimum benefit management plan
  • Define the most likely and cost effective option
  • Analyse the best value solution within a given budget
  • Maintain a course of action to which all the stakeholders can commit themselves
  • Manage and control the value outcomes as changes occur.