APX Analyse Plan eXecute Vendor Management Consulting.

Vendor management consulting includes selection, engagement and management consulting.

This is a specialised niche within procurement focusing on vendor management of information service providers and vendors.

APX can work with your organisation to maximise the vendor management outcomes within your business strategy

The reality of modern business practice increasingly requires business to work with vendors.

Business are seeking to outsource management and delivery of non core business to free management to concentrate on their core operations.

With the increasing complexity of systems and technology many traps exist for non technology specialists.

APX can work with your organisation to

  1. Assessment: Assess whether a business function is suitable to be outsourced to a vendor
  2. Selection: Select appropriate technology and vendors suitable to the size of your operation
  3. Business Requirements: Articulate your business requirements in a format that enables you to outsource
  4. Best Fit: Assist applying appropriate selection criteria to choosing the best fit vendors
  5. Analysis: Provide analysis of risks and consideration, to enable your organisation to make informed decision
  6. Strategies: Provide  guidance on entry and exit strategies for using vendors
  7. Performance: Provide ongoing management strategies for monitoring vendor performance
  8. Review: Act as an independent reviewers during contract negotiation and reviewer with respect to business and technology considerations