APX Analyse Plan eXecute Project Governance and PM Tools Consulting

APX provide services related to project governance and project management tools


APX can work with your organisation to implement:

  • Project Selection and Approval Processes
  • Governance of Project Operations
  • Proper Status Reporting
  • Change Management
  • Information Distribution via Collaboration Systems
  • Advanced Project Management Scheduling Tools and Techniques
  • Project Management Templates.
  • Use and selection of PMIS (Project Management Information systems)

Project Audit Services (Proactive)

  • Provide Health Check of ongoing projects.
  • Health Check of projects management systems.

In order to

  1. Provide executives independent review of projects
  2. Increase confidence in project execution
  3. Improve risk management through regular audit.
  4. Assure execution aligns to the agreed plan.
  5. Maximise probability of successful outcomes, and early intervention in negative impacts.