APX Analyse Plan eXecute Business Systems, Products and Services.

APX provide consulting services to analyse, evaluate, recommend, plan and execute business systems, products and services solutions that address our clients’ immediate as well as future needs.

APX Business System solution Consulting is oriented to Vendor, Packaged or SaaS Software as a Service System solutions

APX Business Products and Servics Consulting is oriented to Go To Market solutions managing value and launch to market.

APX can manage the evaluation and business requirements for a system solution to meet specified business requirements by offering:

  • Skilled consultants with many years of experience in systems project management and design management methods;
  • A consultative approach that is collaborative and respects your current operations;
  • Proven analysis, design and selection management methods that achieve the simplicity, cohesiveness and flexibility that supports your business objectives.

We are independent from software suppliers and provide unbiased objective advice based on your system, product, services and business needs.

Our services include:

  • Business Requirements Definition
  • Systems Selection &  Implementation
  • Management of Vendor Support & Managed Services
  • Bolt-on Functionality
  • Value Management over the delivery life-cycle

The benefits APX can  bring to your organisation include:

  • Ensure the new systems, products and services support your business needs.
  • We help you to define your requirements, produce Invitation to Tenders, define evaluation criteria, support you through the selection process and provide procurement support
  • Ensure processes are efficient and effective by avoiding duplication, streamlining processes and aligning them to your strategic objectives as well as implementing effective change management strategies
  • Optimise your current systems and processes by understanding your business and systems needs and aligning your systems and processes accordingly.
  • Maximise cost effective sharing opportunities by advising on and / or implementing shared services solutions relating to systems or system related services
  • Save time and money by applying our tried and tested methodologies for systems implementation which means you have access to tools, templates and expert advice to support you through the project effectively.
  • Maximise ROI from your systems by setting up a governance structure which optimises the system in the long term.
  • If required we can assist you implement managed services so your organisation can outsource the day to day running of your systems to us and free up your internal team to concentrate on other activities
  • Take advantage of cost effective functionality which can be added on to your current systems – we can bring together relevant technologies to improve existing systems delivery.