Jun 3, 2013

How to achieve your business outcomes?

The top 5 ways to achieve your businss outcomes through projects are

1. Key decision maker or sponsor support “Does the boss buy in?”

2. Engaging an experienced project manager “Do we have someone experienced to run this?”

3. Understanding your business requirements “Do we understand what our business needs are?”

4. Clear business objectives “Do we know what we want to achieve?”

5. Stable, measurable and unambiguous scope of work. “Do we have the ability to control delivering our objectives?”

What does this mean to my company?

1. Executive / Management sponsor support “Put simply a key decision maker in the organisation has to champion the project inside your organisation and protect it from outside intrusion.”

2. Engaging an experienced project manager “Your organisation will have to manage your project regardless. Only one person can be the owner and it is most effective to have a suitable experienced Project Manager. There is a great incentive to make the initiative successful when your neck is on the chopping block.”

3. Effective engagement with the business “Right from the beginning, communicate clearly and often to the business to get buy-in and seek feedback. 20% into the project is too late to engage your stakeholders.”

4. Clear business objectives “State the high level objectives. Sounds obvious, but you can only achieve the objectives that are clearly identified.”

5. Stable, measurable and unambiguous scope of work “From a high level, explicitly state the deliverables to be achieved, the timeframe and how success is going to be measured.”

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