Jun 3, 2013

Get the project started right?

Starting a project properly is always critical to ensure that you get the right results

The uncertainty of the Project Beginning.

For many of us, starting a new project is a struggle.

  • We dont know exactly what is to be done.
  • Were not sure what will be most effective for our company.
  • And we are not exactly sure where to start.

The beginning is the point where there is

maximum risk, multiple agendas, maximum disagreement and the most uncertainty of the roadmap forward.

For many companies, the most common reaction is to jump into the mechanics of executing.

Examine your objectives first and then undertake initial planning exercises are critical to ensure your companies achieves smarter business from the project.

The implications of the Project Beginning.

The real killers of starting projects are

unclear objectives, poor sponsorship, poor planning, bad schedules and control.

t is better to assess whether your project is really valid at the start, Rather than spending 1000s of dollars and a lot of time and then realizing the project is not working or contributing to your bottom line.

Tackling the tough questions.

It is necessary to consider some tough questions.

“What are we trying to achieve?”

Resist the temptation to start jumping straight into the technical aspects of your project. Remember only 10% of project fail due to technical issues.

Critically the business aspects at the beginning of project can often be poorly tackled to the later detriment of the project.

APX have a proven approach for starting projects right

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