Sep 30, 2013

7 rapid steps launching innovation projects to market

If you scan the market, many organisations are struggling to keep pace with the rate of innovation from start-ups, entrepreneurs and digital sectors.

7 rapid steps launching innovation projects to market Value Management

If you are seeking to launch business systems, products and services newer management approaches that deliver Rapid, High Value and Innovation is helping change that situation.

If you are Generation Gannt-chart  (Slow, Waterfall and Methodical) competing against Generation X (Fast, Lite Weight and Flexible),  you will benefit  from these faster  approaches where you can maximise project value by;

1. Rapid Whiteboarding of High Value ideas with the business

2. Quick Build & Launch Proof of Concept,

3. Rapid  “lite-weight” Business Case (P&L)  and Definition of the Market Value Proposition

4.Test, Measure, Learn

5. Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

6.Wash, Rinse and repeat until you kill the idea OR hand off to another team and…

7. Then Start again…..

If you are a business who is looking for a delivery method which is faster to market and business agile,  then this approach could be for you.


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